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Goodfood and the Halifax favourite bring their culinary expertise together


Goodfood Head Chef Jordana Rebner with The Bicycle Thief Co-Executive Chef Matt Tattrie in Peggy’s Cove.

The East Coast’s most iconic restaurant

Perched on the edge of Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia, there is a restaurant that has become, in its over a decade of existence, more than just a place to eat a fine meal. The Bicycle Thief is an institution, a cultural landmark, and a great place to enjoy the view with friends. Inside, attentive waiters chat amiably with smartly dressed patrons, while lovingly cooked and artfully plated dishes (think old-school lobster thermidor and homemade ravioli) are served with care, all of it against a bustling backdrop of velvet benches, cozy lamps at every table, and vintage family photos, taken in Italy before the restaurant’s founding family emigrated to Halifax.

It’s the middle of winter, and Goodfood head chef Jordana Rebner and The Bicycle Thief’s co-executive chef, Matt Tattrie, are talking shop while rolling out fresh pasta dough. They’re collaborating on the creation of two recipes inspired by The Bicycle Thief’s Canadian take on Italian soul cuisine. These dishes will be Goodfood's third such collaboration, having previously worked with Toronto’s Aloette Go and Vancouver’s St. Lawrence to provide Canadians with easy-to-execute dishes with chef-approved flair.

At the height of their summer period, The Bicycle Thief serves up to 1400 people in a day.

As one of the busiest restaurants on the East Coast, chef Tattrie knows a thing or two about making guests happy. Ask him and he'll tell you: it all boils down to “fresh, fresh, fresh ingredients.” Tattrie says their oyster supplier will drop everything to deliver freshly caught oysters to the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon if they need it, and all their seafood and fish is fresh caught daily. The other secret? Good old Nova Scotia-style hospitality. "Whoever you are, if you come through our doors we want you to leave happy."

Goodfood and Bicycle Thief chefs cooking

Chef Tattrie and Chef Jordana joined forces to create two recipes inspired by The Bicycle Thief.

Front of Restaurant The Bicycle Thief

Cooking with fireTasting pasta Bicycle Thief

Inside The Bicycle Thief Restaurant

“People are always asking us for our recipes. Now, we can bring a taste of the Bicycle Thief to Goodfood customers across Canada.” - chef Tattrie.

This commitment to freshness and to exploring new flavours and dishes is something Goodfood and The Bicycle Thief have in common. As the #1 Canadian Meal Kit, Goodfood delivers farm-fresh ingredients and chef-curated meal kits directly to consumers’ doorsteps, encouraging them to explore new recipes and cuisines. Now, Canadians across the country have the chance to enjoy meals from this iconic East Coast institution from the comfort of their own homes. 

First, Rebner and Tattrie have perfected their recipes, laughing and taking notes as they tested out various elements to build a memorable dish. Later on, they hit on the final touches that will make this collaboration, just like the film this restaurant was named after, a masterpiece.

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Taste the Atlantic Coast

Bicycle Thief: Pistachio-Rosemary Crusted Scallops with Beurre Blanc

Goodfood × Bicycle Thief: Pistachio-Rosemary Crusted Scallops with Beurre Blanc

over Lemon-Parmesan Pearl Couscous & Green Beans

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Creamy Tomato Lobster Linguine

Goodfood × Bicycle Thief: Creamy Tomato Lobster Linguine

with Zesty Pan-Grilled Springtime Asparagus

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@lefitcook takes on wild scallops with a delectable rosemary-pistachio crust

Our GoodFriends Vic & Winnie recreate this lobster feast

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*These recipe may not be available to order, since our collaboration concluded back in March 2024, but you can see our newest collaborations on Our Stories Page!

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