It's time to BE GOOD-ER


Good sucks.

It’s basically the same as satisfactory, which really isn’t anything to brag about. To paraphrase John D Rockefeller, you have to “give up the good to go for the great.”

The fact that he was so right makes me cringe. “Good” is part of our company’s name, after all.

Goodfood was born from a passion for food and technology, with a goal to challenge the status quo. There’s nothing bad about that. But eight years later, it’s become obvious that good is no longer good enough.

Long story short, we have to be BETTER than good. We have to be GOOD-ER.

GOOD-ER is more than idealism, hopeful promises, or just some made up word. It’s a platform committed to real change. Because we believe that each and every decision you make when it comes to the food on your plate has the power to do more than just fill your stomach. It can change the world.

So how are we putting our money where our food is?

  • We’re prioritizing working with suppliers who farm and fish sustainably.
  • We don’t re-package food multiple times like grocery stores, saving on material waste.
  • We’re continuously improving our packaging with the goal of it all being 100% recyclable or compostable.
  • We pre-portion our seasonal ingredients so no food is wasted.
  • We’ve introduced new plastic-free, water-resistant isothermal box liners, which reduce our plastic waste contribution by 21 metric tonnes—equivalent to more than 2,400,000 plastic grocery bags.

The truth is, we’ve all been comfortable with good for far too long.

And even though “good” will remain in our name, we are now committed to doing GOOD-ER.

We’re just getting started. Will you join us?

Jonathan Ferrari, CEO & Co-founder, Goodfood

We are being GOOD-ER...

With our food by:

  • Using clean ingredients in our ready-to-eat and grocery products
  • Providing nutrition-conscious options, including paleo, keto and vegan recipes
  • Sourcing organic and seasonal ingredients as much as possible
  • Delivering exactly what you need in our meal kits, and nothing more, to reduce food waste

In our operations by:

  • Partnering with Canadian farmers whenever possible
  • Removing inefficiencies from our delivery chain
  • Continuously improving the sustainability of our packaging, so that it keeps your food fresh and dry while minimizing the impact on the planet
  • Partnering with packaging producers like Quebec-based Cascades, which is ranked the 20th most sustainable corporation in the world by Corporate Knights

For our customers by:

  • Being transparent about what’s in our food and packaging
  • Empowering our Member Happiness team to go above and beyond for Goodfoodies
  • Cooking up 30+ nutritious and delicious recipes every week that are as easy to prepare as they are to enjoy

For our community by:

  • Supporting the Breakfast Club of Canada in providing nutritious breakfasts for Canadian children
  • Working with local restaurants to expose their menu to a national audience, while offering Goodfoodies an elevated restaurant dining experience from home
  • Partnering with brand ambassadors like Nick Suzuki, captain of the Montreal Canadiens to inspire Canadians to live their best lives

Of course you can’t please everyone…

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