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Head chef Jordana Rebner

We create original recipes

Our head chef, Jordana Rebner, and her culinary team develop 30+ unique and inspiring recipes every week.

Aloette Go Wagyu Burger

You select your dinners

Choose from a variety of nutritious and delicious recipes, including keto, paleo and vegan options.

Goodfood box at your door

We deliver it to your door

The farm-fresh ingredients required to cook your chosen recipes are delivered weekly in our cooler box.

Become home chef

You turn into a home chef

Inspire joy at your table with restaurant-quality meals. With our perfect portions, no food is wasted.

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Goodfood is your source for farm fresh ingredients, top quality add-ons, delicious ready-made dishes and meal kits designed by our team of chefs. All delivered to your door!

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Delight your taste buds and spark joy around your dinner table.

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Goodfood is bettering the planet and fueling Canadians’ healthy lifestyles.

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Discover a new way to cook, shop and enjoy food with Goodfood. Taste a whole world of original meal kit recipes designed by chefs, farm fresh ingredients and top quality add-ons! All delivered to your door.