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Meet the original Goodfoodies

Our founders, Jonathan Ferrari and Neil Cuggy, are truly the original Goodfoodies. Before they started Goodfood in 2014, they each had an interest in our food supply chain that goes way back.

Jonathan opened his first bank account at age six, with the goal of saving up to buy a tractor. While Neil developed a kitchen inventory management system when he was a kid, designed to recognize when something, like peanut butter, was half empty and automatically trigger a replacement order. Fast forward a few years, and the friends and former investment bankers found themselves starting what would become the #1 Canadian Meal Kit in a tiny Montreal apartment.

“We always thought about ourselves as really differentiating by getting food on the table but making it exciting. Because Montrealers know how to do food. We were able to create really interesting recipes by just going to the market, finding a couple interesting things, putting them together in a dish and then serving it to friends and family at a dinner party,” reflected Neil.

Nearly 10 years later, Goodfood has hundreds of thousands of customers across Canada, but we’re still choosing our recipes and ingredients just as carefully. “We won’t serve anything that we wouldn’t be proud to serve our families at Sunday dinner,” explained Jonathan.

Good for business, good for everyone

We’re doing this by sourcing our ingredients responsibly—a strategy that’s good for the business, our customers and the planet.

“From a business perspective, we want to be involved in solving the biggest challenges of our world because that is where the greatest opportunities can be found. One of the biggest problems of our generation is to solve our climate crisis. It is the respoibility of our generation to drive sustainable transformation across all industries, and Goodfood is leading the movement towards creating a sustainable food future we can all be proud of,” said Jonathan.

“Neil and I live and breathe sourcing, manufacturing and delivering responsibly to take care of our planet, inside and outside of Goodfood,” he continued. “A couple years ago, we bought a beautiful piece of land in northern Quebec where we grow our own organic heirloom produce and eliminate 1,150 tons of carbon emissions per year. It’s our intention to leave it better than we found it for future generations and we’re striving to do the same with Goodfood.”

> Better supply chain = better food

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We prioritize providing local, seasonal ingredients in our meal kits because it’s what’s best for our customers, our communities and the environment.

“When people really care about where their food comes from and how it's grown, it creates better food. It's so much more flavourful. It has a better impact on the environment because it's coming from somewhere that's closer to home,” Jonathan explained. “We’re also nurturing partnerships with farmers who are using the latest Earth-friendly technologies to do things like reduce water use and transportation times, and eliminate pesticides.”

“By focusing on local partnerships, we’re enabling nearby economies, which will benefit both our customers and employees,” Neil added.

“The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ really applies here. By contributing to the betterment of the planet, and providing fresh and nutritious home-cooked meals, Goodfood has a role to play in fueling active, healthy lifestyles and ultimately, helping Canadians live longer,” concluded Jonathan.

We can’t wait to cook with you.

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Meet our head chef

When you enter Jordana Rebner’s home you’ll immediately notice cookbooks —and lots of them—on her bookshelf and coffee table, in her kitchen, on her bedside table. They’re fitting decor for someone whose life’s passion is food. And they’re a source of inspiration for the 30+ weekly recipes she develops, alongside her team, as Goodfood’s head chef and vice president of culinary development.

Jordana has been with Goodfood since its early days. A culinary school graduate, she joined the team after working at an upscale Montreal restaurant. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in industrial relations. Perhaps a surprising combination, but one Jordana finds works perfectly for her role.

“I love being immersed in food all the time. Thinking about it, seeing it. It’s what I know best and what I get excited about. My role at Goodfood allows me to be creative, while activating the business side of my brain,” she said. “It’s a dream.”

The joy of sustainable dining: More variety, less waste

Every month Jordana and her talented recipe development and test kitchen teams put together a menu of exciting dishes designed to help Canadians discover the joy of home cooked meals. They start by considering which local produce is currently in season, then account for any upcoming holidays and what’s currently popular with Goodfoodies.

“The beauty of Goodfood is that we’ll look through cookbooks and scour social media to find the most interesting and trending flavours, then plan your weekly meals for you. The team also draws inspiration from blogs, restaurants they’ve eaten at and family recipes,” explained Jordana. “Then we’ll provide you with fresh, seasonal ingredients that perhaps you have never imagined cooking with, in exactly the portions you need, so you can cut down on your food waste.”

All of that saves you valuable time on meal prep and planning, but we know that perhaps the number one reason Canadians are cooking less is a lack of time in the evening —so Jordana and her team account for that, too.

“We developed 30, 20 and 10 minute meal options because we know Canadians are busy and we want them to be able to discover the joy that comes from creating a delicious and nutritious home-made dish without the stress and time investment.”

Chef Jordana's food facts

Favourite childhood meal: Grilled steak and baked beans prepared on her grandfather’s fireplace

Favourite meal to cook: Prime rib, which she prepares every year when she celebrates her birthday

How she defines the joy of food: I find joy in the flavour, textures and seasoning of food. It could be a simple slice of pizza, a perfectly fried and seasoned french fry, a slightly vinegary but bright crunchy leafy salad, a toasted slice of crunchy sourdough with a spread of cultured butter, a hot bowl of Pho with a handful of fresh herbs, a beautifully seared steak sliced and topped with flakey fleur de sel, or soft serve ice cream in a sugar cone. Well executed, well composed food brings me TONS of happiness!

Want a taste of what Jordana and her team have been up to lately? See what’s on the menu.

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