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Organic Ocean

Get hooked on sustainable seafood sourced from Canadian waters.

World-class sustainably harvested seafood

Goodfood is proud to partner with British Columbia’s Organic Ocean to bring you the best wild caught halibut, black cod and steelhead trout.


Organic Ocean: Our sustainable fish supplier

There’s just something about British Columbia that attracts the dreamers, the doers and world-changers. Case in point: the people behind Organic Ocean.

The grandson of Scandinavian immigrant fishers, Steve Johansen grew up on Hornby Island where he lived and breathed fish, fishing and the beauty of mother nature. Similarly, Dane Chauvel’s Australian-born father landed in Canada at a young age to pursue a career as a fisherman. He would spend the rest of his life instilling in his sons a passion for the remote British Columbia coast and, of course, fishing.

Dreaming Vancouver West Coast

Organic Ocean Founders 1

Organic Ocean Founder 2 and son

OCEAN ETIQUETTE: A family tradition

The two men’s fathers spoke often of the power of the ocean and the importance of protecting it. They saw the threat that large scale, industrial seafood production presented to the sustainability of the resource and the wellbeing of the coastal communities which relied upon the fisheries.  In 2008, Dane and Steve decided to stop talking and start doing. 

Organic Ocean was founded with two main objectives in mind. 

  1. Create a supply chain that would ensure the finest quality, sustainably harvested seafood for consumers. 

  2. Put a spotlight on the plight of the seafood industry in Canada (and the world) because of uncontrolled industrial-level harvesting practices. 

The results are off the hook.

Organic Ocean Fishing

Organic Ocean Fishing


At Goodfood, we’re proud to feature Organic Ocean’s premium sustainably Wild Caught Halibut, Black Cod and Steelhead Trout in so many of our seafood recipes. 

We sent Culinary Director, Ola Cleasson to Vancouver for a closer look at the fishermen-run business and frankly, we’re kinda surprised he came back. Our Swedish chef absolutely fell in love with beautiful British Columbia and the people.  

Thankfully, he’s back in our Montreal kitchen and excited to deliver more sumptuous fish dishes inspired by the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.

Organic Ocean is Ocean Wise approved


Ocean Wise is on a mission to build a global community that takes meaningful action to protect and restore oceans. They work directly with fishers to develop and promote best-practices that allow them to meet their sustainability goals.

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Springtime Steelhead Trout Salade Niçoise

Springtime Steelhead Trout Salade Niçoise

with Blue Baby Potatoes & Crisp Asparagus

Available to order week of Apr. 21st-27th.

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Tuscan Pan-Seared Pacific Halibut

Tuscan Pan-Seared Pacific Halibut

over Pappardelle Primavera with Tomato Butter & Asparagus

Available to order week of Apr. 28th-May 4th.

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Seared Black Cod over Thai-Style Green Curry

Seared Black Cod over Thai-Style Green Curry

with Springtime Vegetables & Lemongrass Rice

Available to order week of Apr. 14th-20th

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*Some of these recipes may not longer be available to order but you may still consult their recipe pages, check out our menu page for more inspiration, or read more on our Stories Page!

Richard the puppet


Goodfood is happy to announce a limited edition Richard the Puppet. For every puppet purchased, $5 will go to Second Harvest. We’re so happy to give back, even if Richard isn’t so sure.