Meet Richard


Ever since we began our no-food-waste mission Richard has been demanding an opportunity to air his grievances. Now’s his chance.

Richard the Raccoon, Garbage Manager

Richard’s been hanging around our head office in Montreal for a while now, scrounging for food scraps. We decided to give him a job title and a chance to air his grievances.

So what’s up, Richard? 

What’s up? I’m cheesed, is what’s up! And not the good kind of cheesed, like on nachos. Because I can’t find any cheese. I can’t find nothing! Listen to me: we had a system. You waste the food, I grab it from your garbage while you’re sleeping. What happened to my buffets? 

Our perfectly portioned meal kits are designed to fight food waste. It’s a good thing.  

A good thing?  I’ll tell you what’s not a good thing. Eating your recyclable cardboard boxes for dinner. I mean, I can’t even find any mustard to put on them. Nada!

Richard vs Goodfood

Richard in the window

We’re really sorry to hear you’re so hard pressed for good eats, Richard. We’re all about folks cooking delicious meals from scratch, learning new cooking skills and enjoying something exciting to eat every night of the week. Maybe you should consider having Goodfood delivered to you? 

Oh yeah, sure. You think I can just join Goodfood, just like that? 

Well, yeah. It’s easy and flexible. 

Look, I’m a raccoon, okay? Just because I appear to have thumbs doesn’t mean I know how to use an oven. And besides, I’m not going to lift a finger to learn how to cook. That’s absurd! I expect food waste in my trashcan tomorrow or else!  

Or else what?

Or else … or else I’ll be lodging my complaint with the Better Business Burrow! I’m outta here! 

So long, Richard

58% of food is wasted in Canada*

Fight food waste with Goodfood’s perfectly portioned ingredients. *Source: Second Harvest

Richard the puppet


Goodfood is happy to announce a limited edition Richard the Puppet. For every puppet purchased, $5 will go to Second Harvest. We’re so happy to give back, even if Richard isn’t so sure.

Putting food on plates, not in landfill

Second harvest logo

Second Harvest works with businesses across the food supply chain to reduce the amount of edible food going to waste, which in turn averts the release of millions of pounds of greenhouse gases. The food they recover is redirected to thousands of charities and non-profit organizations, ensuring more people have access to healthy food.

Goodfood X Trash Panda

Richard takes Toronto

Play Trash Panda as your fave raccoon, find scrap-less Goodfood boxes across TO and fight food waste. 🦝 💻 

Available now on Steam. Made for PC computers.


Learn more about what makes Goodfood the #1 Canadian meal kit here:

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