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How to bring your healthy eating A game this new year

Meet (or even beat!) your 2024 goals with Goodfood and pro hockey player, Sarah Nurse

Sarah Nurse

Score a healthy eating hat trick

If healthier eating is your gameplan for 2024, you’ve come to the right place. Goodfood is committed to helping you meet your goals, so we’ve partnered with Sarah Nurse, pro hockey player for the Toronto PWHL hockey team and the Canadian women’s national team, to get you geared up for a winning year. Your main obstacles to adopting healthier eating habits are likely a lack of time to meal plan and cook, and uninspiring recipes. 

As Canada’s #1 meal kit for fresh fruits and vegetables, that’s where Goodfood comes in. Score a healthy eating hat trick and meet (or even beat) your goals with our balanced meals.

  1. Take the guesswork out of meal planning and prep with 55+ chef-designed recipes every week

  2. Discover nutritious, delicious carb-wise, keto, paleo, vegan and air fryer options

  3. Get nourishing dinners on the table slap shot FAST with our pre-portioned farm-fresh ingredients

Dinnertime all-stars

Here’s a quick primer on the different types of nutritional goal-meeting recipes you’ll find on our weekly menu.

Keto meal 1 Healthy A Game New Year 2023 English Tag


These meals contain minimal carbs and focus instead on nourishing fats and proteins.

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Paleo diet recipe


Low-carb, non-dairy, pro-protein meals that reflect the eating habits of early humans.

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Air fryer recipe

Air Fryer 

Meals that satisfy your crispy cravings with less oil, fat and calories than traditional frying.

See Quick & easy menu

Carb-wise recipe


The carb counting’s been done for you with these balanced, flavour and nutrient-packed meals.

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Vegan diet recipe


These creative plant-based recipes are free from animal products and focused on fun, fresh flavours and clean ingredients.

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Clean15 Recipe

Clean 15

These recipes feature 15 farm-fresh ingredients or less, so you’re only getting the good stuff.

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Power up with protein

Tailor your meals to your taste and appetite with our three protein customization options. Protein customization is available across all meal plans and you’ll find at least eight customizable meals on the menu every week.

Protein boost Recipe with Icon 

Protein Boost

Double the amount of protein in your meal (get twice the amount of one protein or two different types of protein) or add an animal protein to a vegetarian dish.

Browse our Better protein Menu

Protein upgrade

Protein Upgrade

Receive a premium protein, like organic chicken, organic ground beef or a better cut of steak with your meal.

 Protein swap
Protein Swap

Prefer a different type of protein than what’s in the standard recipe? Swap it (get pork instead of beef, for example).

Score serious savings

Goodfood will save you money as you adopt your healthier eating habits with free delivery on orders of $80+. Plus, you’ll skip the fees and tips by cooking at home instead of ordering takeout or dining at restaurants.

Win, win!

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