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Tandoori Chicken Breasts

Minty Labneh-Dressed String Bean & String Pea Salad

Cooking time

35 minutes




690 /serving

Even the thought of tandoori is crave-tastic! Before searing them to succulence, you’ll generously sprinkle the chicken breasts in a signature blend of garlic, ginger and fragrant spices, calibrated to hit all the right spots. Set the pan-seared tandoori chicken off with little pops of pearl couscous and some creative crunch from a salad of string peas and string beans, basking in a delectably creamy vinaigrette of sizzled onion, labneh and fresh mint leaves.

We will send you:

  • 2 Chicken breasts
  • 60g Radishes
  • 100g Sugar snap peas (or snow peas)
  • 1 Bunch of mint
  • 1 Onion (or shallot)
  • 100g String beans
  • 165g Multicoloured pearl couscous
  • 7g Honey
  • 15ml White wine vinegar
  • 60ml Labneh
  • 16g Tandoori Trip spices (garlic purée, sea salt, paprika, ginger purée, coriander, Kashmiri chili powder, cumin, mint, turmeric, black peppercorn, fennel, cinnamon, star anise)

Contains: Milk, Sulphites, Wheat

You will need:

Medium pot
Medium pan
Salt & pepper
Total Fat
12 g
Saturated Fat
4 g
730 mg
Total Carbs
87 g
11 g
56 g
8 g
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Boil the couscous
Bring a medium pot of salted water to a boil. Add the couscous and stir gently to separate. Boil, 8 to 12 min., until tender. Thoroughly drain and rinse under running water. Transfer to a bowl, season with S&P and toss with a drizzle of oil to prevent clumping. Reserve the pot.
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Mise en place
While the couscous boils, thinly slice the radishes. Remove the stem ends of the sugar snap peas; pull off the tough string that runs the length of each pod. Thinly slice crosswise. Trim the stem ends of the string beans; halve crosswise on an angle. Halve, peel and small-dice the onion. Pick the mint leaves off the stems; finely chop the leaves.
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Cook the chicken
Refill the reserved pot with generously salted water and bring to a boil. In a medium pan, heat a drizzle of oil on medium-high. Pat the chicken* dry with paper towel; season with ¾ of the spices and S&P. Cook, partially covered, 6 to 8 min. per side, until cooked through. Transfer to a cutting board, leaving any browned bits in the pan. Reserve the pan. Let the chicken rest for at least 5 min. before slicing against the grain.
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Blanch the string beans
While the chicken cooks, add the string beans to the pot of boiling water and boil, 2 to 3 min., until tender. Drain and place under cold running water until chilled. Pat dry with paper towel and set aside.
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Make the vinaigrette & salad
In the reserved pan, heat a drizzle of oil on medium-high and add the onion. Sauté, stirring frequently, 2 to 3 min., until beginning to soften. Add the vinegar and cook, 30 sec. to 1 min., until almost evaporated; season with S&P. Transfer ½ the onion to a medium bowl; reserve the other ½. To the medium bowl of onion, add the remaining spices, honey, labneh and up to ½ the mint; season with S&P. In a large serving bowl, combine the radishes, sugar snap peas and string beans; season with S&P.
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Finish & serve
To the salad, add ½ the vinaigrette; toss to combine. To the bowl of couscous, add the reserved onion and ½ the remaining mint; stir to combine. Divide the couscous and salad between your plates. Top the couscous with the chicken and drizzle some of the remaining vinaigrette over the chicken and salad. Garnish with the remaining mint. Serve any remaining vinaigrette on the side. Bon appétit!

*Health Canada recommends cooking poultry to a minimum internal temperature of 74°C.