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Easy prep

Spanakopita-Style Fresh Cavatelli

with Tomato, Baby Lettuce & Olive Salad

Cooking time

20 minutes




720 /serving

Give your pasta night a Greek twist with this deliciously garlicky vegetarian cavatelli, hitting all the flavour notes of cheesy, spinach-filled spanakopita. Rich with ricotta and feta, the comforting pasta comes with the perfect side: one that offers the contrast of fresh greens, juicy tomatoes and salty, briny green olives.

We will send you:

  • 120g Baby spinach (or baby greens)
  • 60g Baby lettuce
  • 15ml Minced garlic
  • 3 Scallions
  • 1 Bunch of dill
  • 2 Tomatoes
  • 30ml Honey-Dijon vinaigrette
  • 30g Green olives
  • 225g Fresh cavatelli
  • 45g Ricotta
  • 100g Feta
  • 10g Around the Acropolis spice blend (garlic, cumin, paprika, oregano, salt, black pepper, basil)

Contains: Milk, Mustard, Sulphites, Wheat

You will need:

Medium pot
Large pan
Salt & pepper
Total Fat
37 g
Saturated Fat
14 g
2850 mg
Total Carbs
78 g
7 g
26 g
8 g
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Boil the pasta
Bring a medium pot of salted water to a boil. Add the pasta to the boiling water; stir gently to separate. Cook, 8 to 10 minutes, until the pasta is al dente (still slightly firm to the bite). Reserving 1 cup cooking water (double for 4 portions), thoroughly drain the pasta. Toss with a drizzle of oil to prevent sticking and set aside in a warm spot.
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Mise en place
While the pasta cooks, cut off and discard the root ends of the scallions; thinly slice, separating the white bottoms and green tops. Pick the dill fronds off the stems and roughly chop the fronds; discard the stems.
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Make the spanakopita sauce
In a large pan, heat a drizzle of oil on medium-high. Add the white bottoms of the scallions and the garlic; season with the spice blend and S&P. Cook, stirring, 30 sec. to 1 min., until fragrant. Add the spinach and cook, stirring, 1 to 2 min., until wilted. Add the cooked pasta, ricotta, ½ the feta, ¾ of the dill and ½ the green tops of the scallions. Add ½ the reserved cooking water and stir to combine; season with S&P to taste. If the sauce seems dry, gradually add the remaining cooking water.
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Make the salad
Halve the olives. Cut the tomatoes into ¼ inch slices; season with S&P. In a large bowl, combine the olives, lettuce, tomatoes and as many of the remaining green tops of the scallions as you’d like. Add as much vinaigrette as you’d like and toss to combine; season with S&P to taste.
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Plate your dish
Divide the finished pasta between your plates. Garnish with the remaining feta and dill. Serve the salad on the side. Bon appétit!