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Low carb, ready in 15 min!
20 minutes
One pot wonder

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Cooking time

20 minutes




490 /serving

A classic is a classic for a reason, because it proves itself time and time again. And this abundant serving of Caesar salad, with the hefty addition of grilled chicken, will have you coming back for more. Slice the tender breast meat and serve it dripping with juices over a crisp and airy mound of lettuce, radishes and cucumbers. Croutons don’t make the carb cut, so sub in tangy slices of sun-dried tomatoes to shake things up.

We will send you:

  • 2 Chicken breasts
  • 90g Radishes (or French radishes)
  • 1 Lemon
  • 2 Cucumbers
  • 1 Head of lettuce
  • 30g Sliced sun-dried tomatoes
  • 60ml Caesar vinaigrette
  • 7.5g Market Garden spices (salt, garlic, dried carrot, red bell pepper, curry powder, sugar, sunflower oil, onion, black pepper, basil, oregano, marjoram, parsley, chives)

Contains: Eggs, Milk, Mustard, Sulphites

You will need:

Olive oil
Salt & pepper (S&P)
BBQ (or grill pan)
Total Fat
28 g
Saturated Fat
4 g
1070 mg
Total Carb
19 g
7 g
43 g
5 g
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Mise en place
Heat the BBQ on high, making sure to oil the grill first. Separate the lettuce leaves; tear the leaves. Thinly slice the radishes and cucumbers. Juice the lemon.
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Grill the chicken
Pat the chicken* dry with paper towel; season with ⅔ of the spices and S&P. Grill on the BBQ (or in a grill pan heated with a drizzle of oil on medium-high, partially covered), 6 to 8 min. per side, until cooked through. Transfer to a cutting board and let rest for 5 min. before slicing against the grain.
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Make the salad
Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, combine the radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, a drizzle of olive oil, the remaining spices and S&P.
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Make the vinaigrette
In a small bowl, combine the vinaigrette and lemon juice.
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Plate your dish
Divide the salad between your bowls. Top with the chicken. Drizzle with the vinaigrette. Bon appétit!

*Health Canada recommends cooking poultry to a minimum internal temperature of 74°C.