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Easy prep

Bourbon-BBQ Beef Sliders

with Beet & Carrot Slaw

Cooking time

20 minutes




880 /serving

With all the deliciousness of their larger versions but in an adorable format, these mini-sloppy joes are impossible to resist! You’ll combine ground beef with an enticing New Orleans-inspired spice blend and BBQ sauce to make the filling for your toasted buns, along with a handful of baby greens. Add some piquant to a julienned beet and carrot slaw with a dollop of Dijon mustard, and serve a dish that’s full of flavour and ready in just 20 minutes. One thing’s for sure: You won’t want these babies to slide away!

We will send you:

  • 285g Ground beef
  • 100g Julienned beets
  • 60g Baby greens (baby spinach, kale or arugula)
  • 50g Diced onions
  • 200g Julienned carrots
  • 30ml Mayonnaise
  • 15ml Apple cider vinegar
  • 10g Dijon mustard
  • 60ml BBQ sauce
  • 6 Artisanal mini buns
  • 10g BBQ on Bourbon Street spice blend (salt, bourbon flavour, paprika, chili powder, onion, garlic, black pepper, mustard, cumin, smoked hickory flavour)

Contains: Eggs, Mustard, Sulphites, Wheat, Barley

You will need:

2 Large pans
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
Total Fat
50 g
Saturated Fat
11 g
1540 mg
Total Carbs
72 g
27 g
38 g
7 g
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Cook the beef
In a large pan, heat a drizzle of oil on medium-high. Add the onions and cook, stirring frequently, 1 to 2 minutes, until translucent. Add the ground beef*; season with the spice blend and S&P. Cook, breaking up the meat with a spoon, 4 to 6 minutes, until lightly browned. Add the BBQ sauce and cook, stirring frequently, 1 to 2 minutes, until the sauce is thoroughly incorporated and the beef is cooked through.
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Make the slaw
While the beef cooks, in a large bowl, combine the carrots, beets, Dijon and apple cider vinegar; drizzle with olive oil and season with S&P to taste. Set aside to marinate, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes while you complete the next step.
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Toast the buns
In a second large pan, heat a drizzle of oil on medium. Add the buns, cut-sides down, and toast, 1 to 2 minutes, until lightly browned.
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Finish & serve
In a large bowl, toss the baby greens with a drizzle of olive oil; season with S&P to taste. Top each toasted bun bottom with mayonnaise, a spoonful of the BBQ beef, some of the dressed baby greens, a spoonful of the slaw and a toasted bun top. Divide the finished sliders between your plates. Serve the remaining slaw and seasoned baby greens on the side. Bon appétit!

*Health Canada recommends cooking ground beef to a minimum internal temperature of 71°C.