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Bacon, Pork & Onion Flammkuchen

Crisp Green Salad with Pepper-Turmeric Vinaigrette

Cooking time

30 minutes




850 /serving

Your family can enjoy the tastes of Alsace tonight thanks to this homemade Flammkuchen! The flatbread is made by spreading a mixture of Greek yogurt and cream atop pizza dough, then topping with an über-savoury mixture of mouthwatering morsels of bacon, browned ground pork and sautéed onion. Bake until the dough is golden brown and crispy and serve alongside a baby lettuce, cabbage, cucumber and chive salad drizzled with a sharp pepper-turmeric vinaigrette.

We will send you:

  • 4 Bacon slices
  • 340g Ground pork
  • 100g Shredded red cabbage
  • 2 Garlic cloves
  • 2 Cucumbers
  • 1 Onion (or shallot)
  • 1 Bunch of chives
  • 120g Baby lettuce
  • 60ml Pepper-turmeric vinaigrette
  • 200g Greek yogurt
  • 60ml Heavy cream
  • 737g Pizza dough

Contains: Milk, Mustard, Wheat

You will need:

Large pan
Sheet pan
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
Total Fat
37 g
Saturated Fat
10 g
1090 mg
Total Carbs
92 g
7 g
38 g
4 g
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Mise en place
Set the pizza dough aside to come up to room temperature. Preheat the oven to 450°F. Place the oven rack on the lowest level. Thinly slice the bacon crosswise. Peel, halve and thinly slice the onion. Mince the garlic. Thinly slice the chives. In a small bowl, combine the Greek yogurt and cream; season with S&P to taste.
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Cook the bacon & pork
Heat a large dry pan, on medium-high. Add the pork and bacon; cook, 5 to 7 minutes, until beginning to brown. Transfer to a bowl, leaving any browned bits (or fond) in the pan. Reserve the pan. 
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Cook the onions
Heat the reserved pan of fond on medium-high. Add the onions and cook, 2 to 3 minutes, until beginning to soften. Add the garlic and cook, 30 seconds to 1 minute, until fragrant; season with S&P.
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Prepare & bake the flammkuchen
Lightly brush a clean work surface with olive oil. Roll or spread the dough out until ½ inch thick. Very carefully move the dough onto the lightly greased back of a sheet pan. Spread the cream mixture over the dough. Top with the pork and bacon mixture* and the onions. Bake on the bottom rack of the oven, 14 to 16 minutes, until the dough is golden brown and crispy, and the pork and bacon mixture is cooked through.
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Make the salad
While the flammkuchen bakes, thinly slice the cucumbers into rounds. In a large bowl, combine the lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers and ½ the chives.
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Finish the salad & serve
Transfer the baked flammkuchen to a cutting board. Top with the remaining chives. Cut the flammkuchen into squares and divide between your plates. Drizzle the salad with as much of the vinaigrette as you’d like; season with S&P and toss to coat thoroughly. Serve the salad on the side. Bon appétit!

*Health Canada recommends cooking pork to a minimum internal temperature of 71°C.