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Supercharge your breakfast

Introducing ready-to-blend Goodfood Smoothies, the delicious cup of superfoods that your tastebuds and body have been yearning for. With 12 original recipes filled with chunks of farm-frozen fruits and vegetables picked at peak ripeness you’ll wonder how you ever survived the morning without them.

Try the ready-to blend Goodfood Smoothies:

Delicious blends.

Amazing ingredients.

Ready in seconds.

Only $4.99 $ per portion

12 portions per order

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What people say

“So easy, delicious, and filling. Can’t wait to make my next one!”

Georgia Stevens

“I got to tell you I am addicted to the Cold Brew Crisp! I must have one every morning”

Marc Stefano

“I love that when you open the cups you can see chunks of actual fruits, nuts, and vegetables.”

Chloe Tremblay

Common Questions

How many smoothies will I receive in my order?

Each box of Goodfood Smoothies contains 12 premium smoothies. To make your picks simply visit

When will I receive my order of smoothies?

You can choose which day of the week to receive your smoothies that best fits your morning routine.

Is Goodfood Breakfast a weekly subscription service?

You can configure your default frequency to receive your Goodfood Smoothies boxes every week, every two weeks, every three weeks, or once a month. You can change your order frequency at any time by simply visiting your Member Area.

What do I do if there’s an issue with my order?

If there's an issue with an order or your experience simply reach out to our Member Happiness team at any time and one of our agents will gladly assist you.

What are the nutritional values of each smoothie?

You can view the basic values on your smoothie selection page, and a full nutritional fact sheet is displayed on each smoothie cup.

Do I need a blender?

Yes. Each smoothie is pre-portioned with all the quality ingredients you will need to make a delicious smoothie. Just fill your cup with your liquid of choice, pour the contents into your blender, and blend for at least 30 seconds or until the desired consistency.

What base liquid should I use?

Our team loves unsweetened almond milk and designed the smoothies with this in mind. Coconut water is another favourite to accentuate tropical flavours or round out green smoothies. But we encourage you to experiment with your own favourite liquids.

How much liquid do I use?

Each smoothie recipe has been designed to take guessing or the use of measuring instruments out of the equation. Simply add your liquid of choice to the contents of the pre-portioned cup until full (which comes out to roughly 240 ml or one cup).

How big are they?

You can add more or less liquid according to your preference! Nevertheless, each smoothie is designed to blend to 500 mL.

How long will my smoothies stay fresh?

The fruits and vegetables are farm-frozen at peak ripeness to preserve their taste, and each smoothie cup is sealed to lock in freshness. For an optimal experience, we recommend consuming Goodfood Smoothies within 2 months of purchase.

I have a serious food allergy, should I order from Goodfood?

We take great care to ensure that all of our food is prepared safely; however, all Goodfood boxes are assembled in the same processing facility. As a result, we do not recommend you order if you have a serious food allergy.

How it works

Step 1

Fill your smoothie cup full of ingredients to the top with your liquid of choice.

Step 2

Toss your liquid and ingredients into a blender.

Step 3

Blend and transfer smoothie back to your cup - enjoy!