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  • Grocery

    Three-Cheese Tortellini

    with Fresh Ricotta, Romano & Parmesan

    Save $0.50 $5.49

    $4.99 1 pack (350g)

  • Dairy

    Extra Old Cheddar Cheese

    It Might Just Be the World's Best

    Save $0.77 $8.56

    $7.79 1 pack (200g)

  • Pantry

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Cold Extraction, Balanced, Raw

    Save $0.66 $14.65

    $13.99 1 bottle (1L)

  • Prepared Meal

    Chicken in Mushroom Sauce

    over Roasted Potatoes & Asparagus

    $12.45 per serving

  • Breakfast

    Boreal Berry Smoothie

    Ready-to-blend smoothies

    Save $6.00 $26.99

    $20.99 4 smoothies

  • Grocery

    Roasted Garlic & Onion Hummus

    Save $0.20 $3.99

    $3.79 1 container (227g)

  • Meal Kit

    Mango, Coconut Chicken Curry

    with Fluffy Cilantro Basmati Rice

    $11.47 per serving

  • Drinks

    Pink Kick 4 x 300 ml

    Apple, Lemon, Ginger & Strawberry Cold-Pressed Juice

    Save $1.88 $16.87

    $14.99 4 bottles (300ml)

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We’re committed to sustainability by reducing food and packaging waste. Your orders will arrive in large paper bags delivered by refrigerated truck.

New products added every week

From farm-fresh recipes to pantry staples, your selection page is packed with delicious products for every palate. Discover something new every week!

After your 90-day free trial, Goodfood WOW is only $5.99 per month for unlimited same-day deliveries. Cancel anytime!

Frequently asked questions

With Goodfood WOW, you’re not bound by any specific meal kit plan, which means you can add any combination of meal kits, groceries, ready-to-eat meals, and breakfast products to your basket. Get unlimited free same day or next day deliveries and no minimum order size.
As a Same Day Delivery member, you can add recipes and products to your basket as often as you like! For same-day delivery, simply place your order before 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT for delivery by 6 PM. Don’t worry if you miss the cutoff, all orders placed past the cutoff time will arrive the next day by 6 PM.
At Goodfood, we believe in supporting Canadian farmers and local businesses. All of the ingredients in your basket are sourced from Canadian suppliers whenever possible, unless seasonal availability or other factors affect the local supply. No matter what, you’re getting the best quality/price ratio available on the market.
There are no commitments, whatsoever! You will be able to cancel Goodfood WOW at any time by contacting our Member Happiness Team either via our live chat, by email ( or by phone at 1-855-515-5191 (Mon-Fri 8AM-8PM, Sat-Sun 9AM-5PM)
We've successfully secured additional masks, eyewear protection, and safety barriers for the essential service employees in our facilities. Additionally, we have hired nurses and a security team to ensure the best possible health screening for our employees and to reinforce social distancing measures inside and outside of our facilities for the health and safety of our teams and our members. In the event that an employee exhibits symptoms, they are advised to self-isolate as per Health Canada guidelines.

Our promise, as always

Quality and farm fresh ingredients are at our core. We prioritize products that don’t have additives and preservatives. Meat and fish are responsibly sourced.

After your 90-day free trial, Goodfood WOW is only $5.99 per month for unlimited same-day deliveries. Cancel anytime!
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